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Volume 4  Number 4, November 2009 

   243. A review of the learning and growth perspective: a new approach to labour climate  

José  Candela, Manuel Cardós

   260. Optimal strategic decision for disaster recovery Montri Wiboonratr, Kitti Kosavisutte  

Montri Wiboonratr, Kitti Kosavisutte

   270. Vendor managed inventory in a two level supply chain: a case study of small Indian enterprise

Atul Borade, Satish Bansod

   281. A simulation study for fire extinguisher manufacturing process layout design
Ki-Young Jeong, Jae-Dong Hong

   294. New exact solutions for the generalized Kawahara and modified Kawahara equation using the modified extended direct algebraic method
Laila M. B. Assas

   302. An optimal model of a agriculture circular system for paddy & edible fungus & dry land  
Yong Zhao, Dong Zhang, Yonglu Tang, Jiao Wang, Lingyong Zheng

320. A fuzzy clustering PSO algorithm for supplier base management  
Esmaeil Mehdizadeh

Volume 4  Number 3, August 2009 

   163. Digital data security and hiding on virtual reality video 3D GIS  

Katanyoo Klubsuwan, Surasak Mungsing

   177. A probabilistic model for performance evaluation of steam and water system of a thermal power plant  

Sorabh Gupta, P. C. Tewari, Avadhesh Kumar Sharma

   188. A quality/cost-based improvement approach for conceptual process planning

Alaa Hassan, Ali Siadat, Jean-Yves Dantan, Partick Martin

   198. A meta-heuristic algorithm is used for dartboard design
Argyri Eleni, Vlachos Aristidis

   205. Research of liquidity adjusted VaR and ES in Chinese stock market— based on extreme value theory
Xiaoxing Liu, Guihua Qiu

   217. TOPSIS extension for multi-objective supplier selection problem under price breaks  
Omid Jadidi, Tang Sai Hong, Fatemeh Firouzi

230. A managerial tool for reliability analysis using a novel Markov System Dynamics (MSD) approach  
Meesala Srinivasa Rao, V. N. A. Naikan

Volume 4  Number 2, May 2009 

   083. A structure-based workflow planning method for new product development management 

Chia-Hsiang Ma, Yao-Tsung Ko, Ding-Bang Luh

   104. An optimal grey based approach based on TOPSIS concepts for supplier selection problem

Omid Jadidi, Tang Sai Hong, Fatemeh Firouzi, Rosnah Mohd Yusuff

   118. Stationary analysis for the bulk input Geom[X]/Geom/1 queue with working vacation

Xiuli Xu, Chunping Liu, Guoyun Lu, Xiaohua Zhao

   129. Complementarities between information sources to support the implementation of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Jennifer Percival

   143. Transformation of system failure life cycle
Montri Wiboonrat

   153. The assessment of bidding strategy of Iranian construction firm
M. T. Banki, B. Esmaeeli, M. Ravanshadnia

Volume 4  Number 1, February 2009 

   003. Survey of power, QR, and oepomo’s iterative methods for solution of largest eigenvalue of essentially positive matrices 

Tedja Santanoe Oepomo

   020. Balance conditions and control strategies for economic growth: Economic advance-retreat course analysis III

Feng Dai, Jingxu Liu, Hui Liu

   039. Coordination mechanism for tow-level supply chain with one manufacturer and one buyer under credit period

Seyed Reza Hejazi, Ali Arkan, Taghi Rezvan

   049. Application of genetic algorithm to numerical experiment in robust parameter design for signal multi-response problem
Pisvimol Chatsirirungruang, Masami Miyakawa

   060. A Multi-criteria product mix problem considering multi-period and several uncertainty conditions
Takashi Hasuike, Hiroaki Ishii

   072. An efficient heuristic method for capacitated P-Median problem
Keivan Ghoseiri, Seyed Farid Ghannadpour

Volume 3  Number 4, November 2008 

   243. Realtimes dynamic optimization for demand-side load management 

Duy Long Ha, St´ephane Ploix, Eric Zamai, Mireile Jacomino

   253. A multiobjective conditional Value-at-Risk model in time interval for loan portfolios

Min Jiang, Zhiqing Meng, Chuangyin Dang

   266. Automatic seasonal auto regressive moving average models and unit root test detection

Siana Halim, Indriati N Bisono

   275. A memetic algorithm for symmetric traveling salesman problem
Keivan Ghoseiri, Hassan Sarhadi

   284. A case study to estimate design effort for Pratt & Whitney Canada
Adil M. Salam, Nadia F. Bhuiyan, Gerard J. Gouw, Syed Asif Raza

   294. Strategic logistics: Re-designing companies in accordance with Lean Principles
Manuel Carrasqueira, V. Cruz Machado

   302. Improved TOC for outsourcing decision
Amitava Ray, Bijan Sarkar, Subir Sanyal

   312. Do inventory management practices affect economic performance? An empirical evaluation of the machine tool SMEs in Bangalore
Rajeev N

Volume 3  Number 3, August 2008 

   163. A multidisciplinary team building method based on competency modelling in design project management 

Onanong Hlaoittinun, Eric Bonjour, Maryvonne Dulmet

   176. Innovation and factors affecting the success of NPD projects: Literature explorations and descriptions

Supachart Iamratanakul, Perasit Patanakul, Dragan Milosevic

   190. An approximate condition for supply chain coordination with risk-averse agents

Zhibing Lin, Chen Cai, Baoguang Xu

   200. Analysing software integration scenarios: the case of telecommunications operations software
Oleksiy Mazhelis, P. Tyrv¨ainen, Erkki Viitala

   211. A control chart design used in supply chain management system
Jing Sun, Masayuki Matsui

   220. Integrating customer responsiveness and distribution cost in designing a two-echelon supply chain network with considering capacity level and piecewise linear cost
Nader Azad, Mohammad Saeed Jabal Ameli

   232. Terrestrial communications system design and MOE factors
Young C. Park

Volume 3  Number 2, May 2008  Contents (PDF format) and papers (PDF format)

   083. Optimizing order fulfillment using design for six sigma and fuzzy logic 

Yousef Amer, Lee Luong, Sang-Heon Lee, M. Azeem Ashraf

   100. A multi-criteria decision-making model for the justification of lean manufacturing systems

Anand Gurumurthy, Rambabu Kodali

   119. A genetic algorithm and memetic algorithm to sequencing and scheduling of cellular manufacturing systems.

R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Y. Gholipour-Kanani, R. Cheraghalizadeh

   131. Selection model and n-tier expansion of collaborative credit-granting guaranty mechanisms and techniques grounded on agile virtual enterprise
Tong Shu, Shou Chen, Bart L. MacCarthy, Luc Muyldermans, Kin Keung Lai, Shouyang Wang

   141. Knowledge management barriers: An interpretive structural modeling approach
M. D. Singh, R. Kant  

   151. Cross-border acquisitions in technical engineering sector: motives, trends and effects in finnish consultancies
Ville Ojanen, Pekka Salmi, Marko Torkkeli  

Volume 3  Number 1, February 2008  Contents (PDF format) and papers (PDF format)

   003. Optimal assembly line balancing using tabu search with partial random permutation technique 

Supaporn Suwannarongsri, Deacha Puangdownreong

   019. An application of fuzzy set theory for supply chain coordination

Santanu Sinha, S. P. Sarmah

   033. Economic growth and control strategies under the environmental pressure: Economic advance-retreat course analysis II.

Feng Dai, Jianping Du, Songtao Wu

   054. Value streams based strategy: modeling for lean management performance
V. Cruz Machado, Jos´e Tavares

   063. Engineering management or management of technology? A bibliometric study of IEEE TEM
Alan Pilkington  

   071. The use of employee participation in the USA and Spanish companies
Juan A. Marin-Garcia, Tomas Bonavia, Crist´obal Miralles  

Volume 2  Number 4, November 2007  Contents (PDF format) and papers (PDF format)

  243. Scheduling of two and three machine robotic cells with fuzzy methodology 

M. Hossein Fazel Zarandi, M. Mehdi Fazel Zarandi, M. Yousef Maknoon, J. Masoumi

  257. Bottom-up optimization approach and nonlinear model for oilfield output programming

Yongchi Ma, Bao Xi, Shaohui Dong, Xuening Chen

  268. Competition and liberalization policies and regulations for telecommunications industries in
China and Pakistan: a comparative analysis

Muhammad Khalil Shahid, Tang Shou-lian, Chunmei Liu

  278. A thoretical review of knowledge management and teamworking in the organizations
Juan A. Marin-Garcia, Elena Zarate-Martinez

  289. The discrete-time Geom/G/1 queue with multiple adaptive vacations and server Setup/Closedown

Wei Sun, Hongke Zhang, Naishuo Tian  

  297. A systematic fuzzy system modeling for scheduling of textile manufacturing system

M. Hossein Fazel Zarandi, Mohammad Esmaeilian, M. Mehdi Fazel Zarandi  

   310. The comprehensive assessing of the economic development conditions of cities in Shandong

Guoliang Cai, Lei Zhang

   316. The rule of next generation managers Strategic IS\IT manager

Ali Hosseini, Mostafa Mohammady

Volume 2  Number 3, August 2007  Contents (PDF format) and papers (PDF format)

   163. Pathfollowing methods for nonlinear multiobjective optimization problems 

J¨urgen Guddat, Francisco Guerra V’azquez, Dieter Nowack, Jan-J. R¨uckmann

  178. Five crisp and fuzzy models for supply chain of an automotive manufacturing system

Mohammad H. Fazel Zarandi, Mohammad M. Fazel Zarani, S. Saghiri

  197. Boating against the current and the market game strategies in new product development: Economic advance-retreat course analysis

Feng Dai, Jingxu Liu, Ling Liang, Yuanzheng Zhong

  221. Identification of green management system’s factors: A conceptualized model

Ali Hosseini

  229. Measuring employees’ perception in small and medium-sized enterprises: A self-assessment

Winston G. Lewis, Kit F. Pun, Terrence R. M. Lalla

Volume 2  Number 2, May 2007  Contents (PDF format) and papers (PDF format)

   83   Steady state analysis of the batch arrival Geo/G/1 queue with multiple adaptive vacations 

Wei Sun, Naishuo Tian, Shiyong Li

   98.  Strategic alliance for core competencies improvement in textile industries

F. Dadashian, S. Shakibfar, M. H. Fazel Zarandi

  108. Group assets pricing and risk management in hedging based on multivariate partial distribution

Feng Dai, Dachuan Zhang, Songtao Wu, Jianping Du

  126.  Fuzzy single-period product problem with return policy

Li Zhu, Ruiqing Zhao, Wansheng Tang

  138.  Interactional programming model for the coexistence of competitions and cooperations problems

Zhiqing Meng, Qiying Hu, Jiang Min, Gengui Zhou

  147.  Clerical productivity in bureaucratic organizations: a methodology to accelerate the evolution from budget constraint to management objective.

Manuel Card´os, Jos´e Candela, Crist´obal Miralles

  155.  Analysis of supply chain principal-agent incentive contract

Guohong Shi, Zhiwang Qian, Danqin Zhang

Volume 2  Number 1, February 2007  Contents (PDF format) and papers (PDF format)

     3   The golden growth model and management strategy in macroeconomic structure 

Feng Dai, Jingxu Liu

   23.  Turbulent mining models and experimentations for firm’s core competence

Rui Wang, Yangjin Zhu

   40.  Ensuring generation adequacy with firm energy call options—A case study for the hydro-dependant Colombian system

Julio Villarreal, Carlos Soto

   55.  Setting parameters for scheduling targets under emergent situations

Jianhua Chen, Xiaoguang Yang

   64.  Information modeling and reengineering for product development process

Renbin Xiao, Tinggui Chen, Zhenwu Tao

   75.  New approach to fixed charges problems (FCP)
Krzysztof Kowalski, Benjamin Lev

Volume 1  Number 2, November 2006  Contents (PDF format)  and papers (PDF format)

   83   Simulating the dynamics in two-settlement electricity markets via an agent-based approach 

Daniel J. Veit, Anke Weidlich, Jian Yao, Shmuel S.Oren

   98.  Design of environmentally conscious incentive contracts for logistics services

Hong Yan, Jun Wang, Gang Hao

  111.  Some remarks on value-at-risk optimization

Ren´e Henrion

 119.  Incorporating price in optimal product sampling for product diffusion

Zhineng Hu

  137.  The impact of training and ad hoc teams in industrial settings

Juan A. Mar´ın Garc´ıa, Manuela Pardo del Val, Tom´as Bonav´ıa Mart´ın

 148.  The dynamic multi-innovation diffusion model with active potential consumers and its application to the diffusion of local telephony and mobile telephony in China.

Xin Li, Zhigao Liao

Volume 1  Number 1, August 2006  Contents (PDF format) and papers (PDF format)

     3.  The newsvendor problem with pricing: Extensions

Li Yao, Youhua (Frank) Chen, Houmin Yan

    17.  An overview of short-term statistical forecasting methods

Russell J. Elias, Douglas C. Montgomery, Murat Kulahci

    37.  Optimizing B2B transactions using the marketplace competitive analyzer

Andr´es L. Medaglia, Marc-david Cohen, Daniel Castro-Lacouture

    47.  Solving transportation problems with mixed constraints

Veena Adlakha, Krzysztof Kowalski, Benjamin Lev

    53.  Building bridges between organisational change and quality management in New Zealand

Siham El-Kafafi

    63.  Management art and science: from 5-S to 6-s

Samuel K. M. Ho

    71.  The relationship of continuous improvement and cleaner production on operational performance: An empirical study in electronic manufacturing firms, Taiwan China

Ming-Lang Tseng, Anthony SF Chiu, Yuan-Hsu Lin, Jiu-Hsiang Chinag

Volume 2 Number 1, February



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