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World Academic Union is the world's academic organization with World Academic Press:

To carry on, support, assist, promote, encourage, coordinate, advance and secure worldwide academic events and activities, including the science research (nature, social, humanities, etc), engineering application (in Industries, Agriculture, health, trading, economic, transport, construction, environment, information, communication, public, sport, art, etc), technological development, education and training, cultural communication, international cooperation, knowledge and skill dissemination, academic visiting and tour, etc;

To provide education, instruction and carry out research, surveys and investigation; To invest into high education and manage relevant institutes;

To provide expert advice and consultancy services to enable or assist any individual, firm, company, undertaking, co-operative or other group to establish a new academic enterprise (whether social or commercial) or to expand or re-establish an existing academic enterprise;

To commission, procure, produce, edit, print, publish, distribute and sell all kinds of periodicals, books, articles, leaflets, proceedings, newspapers, films, tapes, videos, CD-Roms, computer programmes, visual and audio aids and other multi-media developments;

To prepare, promote, arrange, organise, implement and conduct academic conferences, lectures, seminars, meetings, training courses, presentations, discussions, exhibition, visiting and learning tours;

To provide the services of the exchanging of worldwide education and culture; To exchange, develop traditional techniques in worldwide, such as to provide the service of traditional Chinese medicine therapy (acupuncture, herb, etc) in the World;

To provide the admission service of colleges (schools) and universities for oversea students with respect to A-level, foundation, diploma, first degree, master and doctor degree;

To estimate and report the academic level and quality of any individual, firm, company, institute and organization, etc;

To produce, commission, procure, purchase and sell items, materials, tools, instrument and equipment for academic and office work, including computer systems, network and their install and maintenance;

To advertise in such manner as may be thought expedient with a view to promoting worldwide academic development, communication and cooperation;

To apply for, register, purchase, or by other means acquire and protect, prolong and renew, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere any patents, patent rights, brevets invention, licences, secret processes, trade marks, copyright, designs, protections and concessions and to disclaim, alter, modify, use and turn to account and to manufacture under or grant licences or privileges in respect of the same, and to expend money in experimenting upon, testing and improving any patents, inventions or rights which the Company may acquire or propose to acquire;

To support worldwide companies and organisations (whether incorporated or not) whose objects are altogether or mainly similar to be useful for the academic development;

To act as agent or broker and/or as trustee or nominee for any individual, firm or company, and to undertake and perform sub-contracts;

To require payment for services or for goods and activities provided as is considered appropriate in the furtherance of the Company's events;

To employ, train, pay any person rendering services to the Company by cash payment or otherwise, including short-term projects; To remunerate any firm or company rendering services to the Company;

To pay all or any expenses incurred in connection with the activities, promotion, formation and incorporation of the Company;

To procure the Company to be registered or recognised in any part of the world;

To do all such other things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of the Company's objects or any of them.

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