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a worldwide organisation with a publisher that aims to

carry on, support, assist, promote, encourage, coordinate, advance and secure worldwide academic events and activities, including the science research (nature, social, humanities, etc), engineering application (in Industries, Agriculture, health, trading, economic, transport, construction, environment, information, communication, public, sport, art, etc), technological development, education and training, cultural communication, international cooperation, knowledge and skill dissemination, academic visiting and tour, etc.

commission, procure, produce, edit, print, publish, distribute and sell all kinds of periodicals, books, articles, leaflets, proceedings, newspapers, films, tapes, videos, CD-Roms, computer programmes, visual and audio aids and other multi-media developments.

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a global union across the planet

    Europe: www.WAU.org.uk

    America: www.worldacademicunion.com

    Asia: www.worldacademicunion.org

    others: www.worldacademicpress.com

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